Technological Innovation

      R&D Layout

      Patents & Certifications

      KINGSUN has always been committed to R&D and innovation, and has obtained around 20 patents in invention and application technologies granted by the United States and China. It was rated as High-tech Enterprise and Private Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

      20+ R&D Patented Technologies

      TUV and BV certified; UL and ETL certification in progress.

      Awarded as High-tech Enterprise and Private Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province

      Product Innovation

      KINGSUN specializes in the R&D and innovation of smart solar photovoltaic systems. It owns both single-sided and double-sided PV module tracking system solutions, to maximize power generation with the world's leading tracking technology.

      KINGSUN’s proprietary tracking controller combines the advanced technology of existing tracking mounts with more intelligent technologies to maximize synergy.

      Meanwhile, the control system adopts advanced IoT communication technology, which boasts reliable communication encryption, long distance and large capacity. With its smart operation and maintenance platform interface, functions like remote centralized monitoring, debugging and smart alarm can be easily realized to maximize the operation and maintenance efficiency, as well as the system reliability. It can be customized as needed.

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